Ballad from Lannion to Yaudet ...

Walking through a pine forest, you will follow the Léguer in its part under the influence of the tides, the landscape is therefore more pleasant at high tide.
You will walk to the tip of Yaudet to discover the mouth of the Léguer then the Baie de la Vierge.
On the way back, after having followed the small meanders of the river (the Yaudet), you will pass not far from the castle of Kerninon (private property which cannot be visited), to go back down to the Léguer.

Le Yaudet has the extraordinary, unique feature of being a promontory continuously populated since the most remote times. He keeps, buried under the topsoil, the traces of all the civilizations that have settled there.
Le Yaudet is also an incomparable natural site, where land and sea come together, where the ever-changing landscape offers visitors a palette of varied colors.