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20 Aug 23

Port Blanc Guided Tour


Port Blanc is a small Breton village in the Côtes d'Armor, in the historic country of Trégor. Formerly a haven for sailors, you can discover its seafront, the chapel of Notre Dame de Port Blanc or the rock of the Sentinel.
Half-countryside, half-coastal route: take the time to observe on the heights of Port Blanc: magnificent panoramas await you!

The Notre Dame de Port Blanc Chapel is revealed at the top of a staircase with steps worn by time. Further on, you will cross the village, its narrow streets and its fisherman's houses. Towards Crec'h André, the view of the islands is superb.The small paths bordering the gardens and the embankments are flowery and colorful. Here, everything grows!
Going down towards the sea, you will follow the Marais du Launay and further on the cord of pebbles where the sea kale grows.
After passing the port of Royo, you will follow the pebble strip of the Dunes beach to return to Port Blanc and the Rocher de la Sentinelle.

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21 Jun 23

Guided tour Lannion / The City of Telecoms Pleumeur-Bodou

Guided tour with the event organized by the Lannion Tourist Office, the Eductour 2023.

On the Urban Walks program with the discovery of the architecture of the historic monuments of the city center of Lannion.

Then towards Pleumeur-Bodou with a short lunch stop at the Auberge de Chrec'h Bec, followed by a visit to the Planetarium of Brittany, the Cité des Télécoms and finally the famous Parc du Village Gaulois 👌☀️


The Telecom City:
A unique experience in the largest European center of culture and leisure dedicated to telecoms.Plan a 3-hour visit with games, exhibitions, entertainment and a new immersive show inside the Radôme, this historic monument listed as a 20th century heritage site.

Exhibitions / Games / Animations:
The Cité des Télécoms invites you on a fun journey through time and technologies over more than 200 years of telecommunications evolution, with:

  • 11 themed rooms, from the first inventors to today's connected world.
  • The Science Garden for 6-12 year olds, a place where even the older ones have fun!
  • Activities from 8 years old, offered during school holidays. (registration at the reception on arrival)
  • Animated coloring, the relaxation break for the youngest
  • GPS Connect, an outdoor geolocation game with augmented reality.

New exhibitions regularly punctuate the life of the City.


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22 May 23

Ploumanac'h Guided Tour

A seaside resort sheltered by astonishing pink granite rocks

With its 13 km coastline and three fine sandy beaches, Perros is a paradise for families and water sports enthusiasts. One of its districts, Ploumanac'h, a former fishing hamlet that has become a tourist hotspot, offers visitors an almost unreal view with its pink rocks, imposing piles of stone sculpted by the sea and the wind. A natural site of exceptional beauty.

Discover Ploumanac'h – Perros-Guirec

Napoleon's hat, lovers' gatehouse, mushroom... Between the beaches of Trestraou and Saint-Guirec, the imposing pink granite rocks of Ploumanac'h are known throughout the world. Some are more than twenty meters high! 300 million years old, they extend over more than 25 hectares to form a sumptuous setting.

02 May 23

Guided Tour Lannion, Le Léguer

Le Léguer, a wild river

The Léguer is one of the most beautiful rivers in France, at the gates of the Côte de Granit Rose. First river labeled "Site Rivières Sauvages" in the great west in 2017, this 59 km long coastal river, particularly preserved, has an exceptional heritage that will delight lovers of authenticity. Don't wait any longer and dive into the heart of the Léguer valley!

Le Léguer, an exceptional natural heritage

European otter, Atlantic salmon, numerous species of bats, royal fern... are all living symbols of unspoiled nature. Beyond the most emblematic species, the Léguer valley benefits from a fantastic fauna and flora diversity, integrated into the Natura 2000 network, since 2004.
From the main source of the Léguer, at the foot of the Monts d'Arrée, to the Bay of Lannion, this European natural space offers very diverse landscapes: a deep valley and wooded slopes, three large forest massifs, a remarkable set of dry moors interior, a buttercup river flowing between rocky chaos, many small valleys crossed by a rich network of rivers and making up the tributaries of the Léguer and finally, a wide estuary opening onto the sea.

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02 May 23

Guided tour Perros-Guirec

Pink Granite Coast: Perros-Guirec.

Perros-Guirec is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Brittany, with good reason: between its marina, its two superb beaches (Trestrignel and Trestraou) overlooked by prestigious houses from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th , and the many leisure activities it offers, Perros-Guirec stands out as one of the best tourist destinations in France. But it is above all at the Grand Site of Ploumanach and its gigantic granite clusters with a pinkish, almost glowing hue, that we are counting on your visit!

A miracle of nature, Ploumanac'h has the power to fascinate the most knowledgeable lovers of dreamlike landscapes with the opera of colors delivered by the elements in the magical setting which extends from Tourony to the site of Men Ruz. , literally the Red Stone. The lighthouse stands in this setting, signaling to sailors who have forgotten that here beauty rhymes with danger, the difficulty of this narrow pass traversed by violent currents.

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02 May 23

Big Island Guided Tour

Visit the islands of Brittany: Ile-Grande, in Pleumeur-Bodou.

Wild, tonic and often beaten by the winds, Ile-Grande stands out somewhat from Pleumeur-Bodou , its home town.

Although it can be reached by a narrow road and a bridge that braves the foreshore , the island is distinguished by an original personality to which some of the prestigious guests it welcomed did not fail to pay tribute: Charles Le Goffic or Joseph Conrad.

Along with its neighboring islets (Canton Islands, Aval Islands, etc.), it is also distinguished by its intensely colored coastal landscapes . The sea, which here more than elsewhere withdraws further away, releasing an immense foreshore as far as Landrellec on one side and Toëno on the other, at high tide gives a prestigious, almost dreamlike appearance to the white sand beaches. .

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02 May 23

Guided tour of the Talbert furrow

Discover the Sillon de Talbert

An exclamation mark hoisted over the Tregor peninsula, the Sillon de Talbert juts out 3 km into a sea strewn with rocks. The narrow tongue of 35 m, made of sand and pebbles, is shaped by the opposing currents of the Trieux and the Jaudy. This mineral spire, in addition to providing shelter for many birds and a causeway for walkers, also protects the channel that slips between Paimpol and Bréhat . An extraordinary place, to be preserved by respectful incursions.

On the road to legends

To the geological reasons which explain the formation of the Sillon, one can prefer romantic legends. One of them says that Merlin built this way by pouring millions of pebbles in order to join the fairy Viviane. Another claims that Morgana, on the island of Talbert, fell in love with King Arthur. To reach him, she threw pebbles towards the coast, which multiplied into millions of pebbles.

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20 Apr 23

Meals Prepared in Rooms

La Résidence du Pélican has selected for you a range of prepared dishes with a strong Breton identity with the desire to promote Breton products by favoring short circuits.

You can now order your meals on our online store, so that they can be delivered directly to your accommodation or picked up at reception.

Simplicity, efficiency and above all the taste of good Breton dishes, to be reheated and enjoyed in your accommodation for immense taste pleasure...


« Olivier's Kitchen» is marketed in a Weck jar (260g), portion for one person and very easy to use to allow you to eat healthily and simply while maintaining the gastronomic value of the dishes.

The range is made without additives or preservatives and can be stored at room temperature with a shelf life of three years.

08 Mar 23

Electric Fiat 500e rental

Need a car available to visit the region or for your trips?

Our new all-option electric Fiat 500e has a range of 260 km and 4 seats.

Our small city car is ideal for all your outings!

Reservation directly on our site or by phone on 06 23 36 72 86.

25 years old minimum, 3 years driving license compulsory. A deposit of €2,500 will be required…



24 May 22

Eco-tour Twizy Electric

To visit the Côte de Granit Rose, we offer our solar-powered Twizy electric vehicle for rent ☀️🤩.
2 places, autonomy of 60 km for a playful and pleasant visit of our beautiful coast 🥰🔝.
Info and Reservation directly on our website 😉
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24 May 22

Eco-Responsible Residence

We are proud to announce that our Résidence du Pelican is Eco-Responsible.
We produce green electricity through photovoltaic panels allowing us to be autonomous for a good part of the day 😃🤗.
You too, make the choice of Eco-Resmonsabilite by spending your holidays and / or weekends in our residence 🥰☀️
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